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Posted By :    Catherine T.
Posted :    1/7/2016
Comments :    Dr. Les Hatfield and staff have been exceptional in their professionalism and caring. My dog, Daisy (love her as if she was my child) came down with Happy Tail. I was scared when I understood the ramifications of her condition. Dr. Les Hatfield spent more time explaining to me the condition and possible courses of treatment than any medical doctor I have seen for my own illnesses in the past. The office follow up was consistent and sincere. Unfortunately Daisy needed to have her tail docked. I was given the information (teeth cleaned and tumor near anus removed) I needed to utilize Daisy's surgery time for the fullest benefit to Daisy. It is obvious that the team goes the extra mile in everything they do. Big bonus, surgery came in under estimated cost. Dr. Les Hatfield showed me a technique to stop Daisy from jumping (65 lb. dog) on people, and it works like a charm. Three weeks after surgery and I have a completely healed and happy dog.
Posted By :    Ashley I.
Posted :    1/7/2016
Comments :    I found an injured dog in the middle of the street and took him (turned out to be a her) to Ark. I explained it was not my dog and just wanted to just make sure she was ok. I feared she would be put to sleep if I took to pound. Dr. Hatfield and his assistant took pity on the poor dog. They gave me all the information to take her to the humane society and even provided me with an xray on disc at no charge to give to the humane society. I ended up fostering the little dog with a broken hip and she has since been placed for adoption. Thank you to Ark for their charity to this helpless animal. Their rates are reasonable and I will be bringing my dogs for their care from now on. Highly recommend.
Posted By :    Mary Claire Platter  (
Posted :    7/28/2014
Comments :    Thank you all for helping out with GIZMO this weekend. I've been with Dr. Hatfield since 1993. I feel also the staff have been most kind for all our animal's + was very impressed with your Fill in Doctor. Hopefully he will be added to your staff, as he has my vote. Also appreciate the follow up call from Dr. Hatfield just to give me peach of mind that Gizmo is ok. He seems to be better and still went after a couple birds, jumping 4 feet the ground. He ended up with once again just feathers, but at 15 years old, I feel he will have a long & happy life especially under the care of Dr. Hatfield & staff. Thank you so much!!!
Posted By :    Dee and Barbara
Posted :    3/5/2013
Comments :    Drs Hatfield and Bechtel, as well as Jen, Allison, Sheryl, Amanda, and Aubry probably know our "kids", Freddie and Luna, better than they know us! They have provided professional and friendly care to all of our dogs for 18 years. We feel and are treated like family. Over the years, we have had many issues. We trust Drs Hatfield and Bechtel to research for solutions through their knowledge and many resources available, as well as educate us. Thank you for caring for Lady, Scamp, Luna, and Freddie, as well as us, through the years!
Posted By :    Charis & Larry
Posted :    3/2/2013
Comments :    Dr Les Hatfield has cared for our family members for over 18 years and Dr Bechtel since she joined the staff. The entire team has provided us with first class care. Regardless of whether it's been a vaccination appointment or life threatening emergency we have been treated with care, and compassion. An extra special thanks to Dr Les for always taking the extra time to educate and explain things, particularly that dog behavior stuff. Dude and Brina give you a two paws up! (And a thanks for caring for Allie, Shania, Shadow, Whiskey and Bandit through the end of their lives) Thank you for being our Vets! Charis and Larry
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